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ArcheryGB Archer Classification Awards

ArcheryGB the Governing Body of Archery in the UK award archers a classification each year, that recognises their standard of Archery based on competion Scores.


Indoor Rounds, classifications run from F at the bottom to A at the top.

List of Members at each Classification



New Outdoor Classifications - ArcheryGB Site From 2023 Outdoor Season

Below is the Previous System

The score levels required for each classification level are dependent on the round shot, the bow type you use, your age group and your gender. For Target Outdoor Rounds the Classifications run from 3rd Class to Grand Master Bowman.

List of Members at each Classification

You need three scores at or above the required score level to qualify for a Class. If you qualify for Master Bowman, Junior Master Bowman or Grand Master Bowman you have to submit your claim to AGB, and the first time you claim, you will be sent the badge.

Archer 3rd Class

Archer 2nd Class

Archer 1st Class
These classifications can be gained by shooting at official club target days as well as in Open Competitions, so can be fun and convenient to achieve as well as giving you good experience shooting rounds.

Badges are Awarded by Club

Bowman The Bowman classification was introduced in 1995 to recognise a level of achievment between 1st Class and Master Bowman. Bowman scores can also be achieved on Club target Days or in an open competition. If you are of Bowman level or above you are in the top 15% of archers when it comes to skill.

Badges are Awarded by Club
Master Bowman Being able to call yourself a Master Bowman puts you in the top 4% of competitive archers. Only the Gents' Fita and York round count for Gents claims, and for ladies only Fitas and Herefords. All the rounds must be shot at a minimum of UK Record Status level competition.
Junior Master Bowman Junior Master Bowmen have to shoot 4 scores at the senior rounds, but only one need be shot at UK Record Status level competition or above. The rest can be shot at club target days.
Grand Master Bowman

Achieving Grand Master Bowman level puts you in the top 1% of U.K. competitive archers. Conditions for claiming are the same as for Master Bowman.

As a Senior, each year you qualify for MB or GMB and provided you claim it, you will be invited to take part in the UK Masters, a two day competition held at Lilleshall at the beginning of June each year. You can qualify in the previous year or in the current year if you get your scores early enough.