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Recurve Bow



The recurve bow, as used by archers in the Olympics and many other competitive events. It will employ advanced technologies and materials. The limbs are usually made from multiple layers of fibreglass, carbon and/or wood on a core of carbon foam or wood. The riser (the handle section of the bow) is generally separate and is constructed from wood, carbon, aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy. The modern recurve is the only form of bow permitted in the Olympics (though the Compound bow is permitted in some categories at the Paralympic Games) and is the most widely used by European and Asian sporting archers. Recurve Archers shoot off their fingers like traditional archers, but like compound archers, use stabling rod and weights to increase accuracy, a typical Recurve Bow is 36 – 45lbs. Within Recurve Archery there are a number of different classes based on the equipment that can be used including Barebow.

A sub-category of recurve that is somewhat related to barebow, is recurve traditional. This category moves towards the traditional of the roots of archery as a means of hunting and uses bows made from wood, either takedown or solid construction. The bow has many forms (American Flatbow [American Longbow] Korean Recurve) but they are always without a sight and shot with wooden arrows. If Longbow didn’t have its own category in FITA rules then it would be shot under traditional, of course the main difference between a longbow and recurve transzonal is that longbows are not allowed to have curved or recurved tips.

Demonstration of Recurve Shot Execution