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Visiting us

Feel free to visit us if you're a member of GNAS/ArcheryGB or if you would just like to come along to see us and have a chat about the Club. Please contact us first so we can make sure that an officer of the club is available to sign you in.

If you would like to shoot our target fee is £4 per session and you will need to bring your GNAS card with you. For more info on fees see here. 

Club and GNAS rules of shooting apply to all venues. All three of our venues have plenty of parking.  


Shooting During the summer months from April until October, we shoot in a large field near the Suffolk Showground (Trinity Park),  on Bucklesham Road, Ipswich (see overhead view). Entrance to the shooting field is via a locked gate (New Gate being used due to Covid) so it's important to contact us so we can arrange to meet you and let you in. There's a one or two week period each year when the field isn't available because the Suffolk Show is in progress, other than that the field is available to members to shoot every other day. Most members of the club shoot on Tuesday (5:30pm until it gets dark) and Sunday mornings from about 09:30 to 13:00 (but might be later, depending on who's there). Except for match days, shooting tends to be very informal, although a number of our members are keen to compete recognised rounds, either just for the experience or to help them on their way to improved classification and handicaps. There's no compulsion to shoot a round, and if there's space on the line there's no reason why archers can't practice whilst a match is in progress.  

Under Covid-19 Rules Booked Slots only.





Shooting During the winter, members shoot at two locations:-

1) Tunstall Community Centre near Woodbridge.

We shoot on

  • Tuesdays Evenings 6pm-7pm @ Tunstall [Coaching Clinic]
  • Tuesdays Evenings 7pm – 9pm @ Tunstall [Open Practise]
  • Sunday Mornings 9am till 12:30 @ Tunstall [Open Practise – Competitions]

The entrance is behind the Green Man Pub on Ashe Road.





2) Orwell Arena near Levington. (I know Bob's Meadow how do I get to this place)

We shoot on

  • Thursday Evenings 6pm-8pm @ Levington [Beginners Course / Coaching]
  • Thursday Evenings 7pm-9pm @ Levington [Open Practise]
  • Saturday Morning 10am-12am @ Levington [Open Practise]

Signs by old Fison's Factory... Past the Stables