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Who runs the club

The club is run by is members, for its members, each year at the Club AGM a committee is elected to run the club day-to-day

2020/21 Committee

Chairman - Neil Wilkin

Experienced Longbow Archer, Neil is just one of four of this family that shoot with the club, he is also a coach and runs some of the JDAC Sessions

Secretary - Steve Davis

Triple Threat, Steve Shoots Longbow, Recurve and Compound, something that used be common within Deben, Steve has taken part in some of the biggest competitions around the world.

Treasurer - Trevor Fitchett

Trevor is one of the longest standing members of the Club, shooting Longbow and Recurve, he is also a coach who runs JDAC

Equipment Officer(s) - Neil Wilkin

Child Protection Officer - Anna Heaven - Mail CPO via Club

Anna has been shooting since she was a child and is a Senior Coach, Coach Educator and on the Essex Guild of Archery Coaches

Club Coaching coordinator - Steve Davis