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Deben Archery Club - Safe Shooting During Covid 19 Pandemic

This is the guide for Deben Archery Members Shooting after 4th October 2020, during the global Covid-19 Crisis.

It is based on the guide available on the ArcheryGB Web-site (Please become familiar with these as they are definitive rules/guidance)

It is being update Daily as the guidance develops  and Our Landlords update thier guidance

Safety Rule

There are no change to the safety rule, all Lanes form on one shooting line and must shoot together

Solo Shooting is allowed - subject to rule 301 - at the Archers own risk

Juniors can only shoot when Parent who is an Archer is present, or a member of Deben Archery has taken responsibility for this archery safety, parent must still be present.

Attendance Rules

Archers MUST NOT come to the range/club if they show symptoms of any illness but in particular of Covid-19. These are highlighted on NHS Direct and include:

  •  A new persistent and dry cough o

  • A temperature

  • Loss of Sense of Taste or Smell

DO NOT COME to club for 7 days if you have had Covid-19 Symptoms

DO NOT COME to club for 14 days if you are living with someone with Covid-19 Symptoms

Let the club know if you have developed symptoms within 5 days of attending the club

Use of the Facilities

Deben Archery Club will only be shooting Indoors @ Tunstall Village Hall and @ Orwell Arena Levington

There will be set number of Shooting positions (Lanes) which can be booked for use by a single archer or archers from a single household, indoors we will be running two details so each lane can be booked by two people.

Levington Layout                              Tunstall Layout

Each Lane will not be marked due to us sharing a venue, so care must be taken when setting out to observe the distance measurements on the Layouts.

You need to arrive at the time specified on the booking, not before, and leave the site within 10 minutes of the end of your session

You must take everything you bring with you away with you, including target faces and pins

The Club will place some Hand Sanitizing Gel and cleaning products into the venue storage area. if you have not bought your own then make use of them.

If you notice it has run out then please  contact the club via e-mail. 70% Alcohol gels/products are required.

Archer Requirements

Bring all your own equipment, you will not be able to use club equipment.

If possible assemble equipment at home and transport to the club

In addition to your normal shooting equipment please bring:-

  • Target Face you wish to shoot (Available from online shops or even eBay) usually 122cm or 80cm

  • Target Pins (Pinch Pin Type)

  • Hand Sanitizing Gel and or Cleaner (70% Alcohol based)

  • Cloth Gloves - Must be used when moving target boss, attaching or removing target face

  • Hammer for securing target

  • Face Covering - Must be worn when not shooting

  • Basic First Aid for Minor Injuries (Club First Aid Kit is out of bounds except in severe cases at the digression of a present first aider or heath professional.

Coaching - And advice to other archers

Under ArcheryGB Guidance Coaching can take place:-

  • The coach is not coaching more than 5 people (at our club on only 5 shooting stations, so that allows coaching of a household on one station)

  • The coach stays a least 2m from the archer being coached - Same applies for Archer to Archer Advice, stay 2m away

  • The coach may coach from 1m away if wearing a face covering if the person is a beginner until the archer is competent to shoot, at which time the coach should withdraw to 2m



The Government Rule that you may only meet in groups of six people, has some exclusions. It does not apply to Under 18's or to Sports where each participant is gathering in a group of less than six, even if under the same roof. So each Lane is seen as being a different gathering, so the number of people on a single target it limited to six or a single household.

We are not allowing mixed households to share a target to shoot at the same time and there will be a 2M distance between details at all times

Deben Archery Members over 18 can book a lane directly at any time and shoot under RoS rule 301

Deben Archery Members under 18 can book a lane, however they must be supervised by a parent and there must be an responsible archer (experienced archer over 18 who has agreed to supervise) present while they shoot.

Junior Members of Deben Archery Club, who have parents that are archers can book a Lane as a household and are under the supervision of their shooting parent.

Junior Members of Deben Archery Club who need an archer to supervise, should ensure another Deben Member will be present when they plan to shoot and that the archer present is willing to supervise their archery and stay for their full shooting session.

JDAC will be running on Saturday Morning

ArcheryGB members from other clubs can contact the club about booking a shooting slot,

There is a £4 Guest fee..

Yes only people that have booked a Lane, may shoot, failure to book a lane will mean you are turned away from the Venue and anyone found shooting without a booking will be subject to suspension from the club. It is an insurance requirement that all people on the field has a recorded booking and that details of the people present are kept to allow for the contact tracing people present it an outbreak occurs.

You should arrive as your booked slot starts, and car your car at least 2 meters from any other vehicles.

Take all the equipment you will need to the line, at the lane you have booked

Be packed, back in your car and away within 10 minutes of the end of your booked slot

A face Covering should be worn at all times indoors when not actively shooting

If you do need to use a club bow etc. It should be booked out to you for the duration of the winter season, cleaned by you before use and treated line personal equipment (transports to and from the field by you each time you shoot)

Bring your own, along with pins, and take tem with you when you leave is reuse or dispose of

You should wear your cloth gloves to move the target bosses, and do so on your own or with someone from the same household/social bubble. When moving a target boss from storage, all other people on the field not involved in the move should remain behind the shooting line.

If you require help to move a target boss (be safe ask for help if needed) and therefore the 2m social distancing can’t be maintained during this process, you should put in place the 1m plus mitigations (such as face coverings or avoiding face-to-face contact).

You an record your own score on anything you like as long as you bring it with you and take it away, any Club Competition scores should be submitted to

You are welcome to book lanes next door to each other at the same time slot or on the same target in different details, but please maintain the 2m Social Distance.

Its 2 Meters Social Distancing if possible, if this is not possible then its 1 Meter plus some mitigations (Face Coverings etc), Deben urge Members to maintain 2 Meters.

In order to allow all members to shoot safely, including those in the vulnerable and extremely Vulnerable category, the archery field is going to become as sports facility only under the government guidance, this means you arrive at a booked time and leave by a booked time, and everyone feels safe and secure, allow people to socialize at the field would add an extra uncontrollable variable. If it were a Social gathering the rule of 6 Would Apply and the club and yourself may be subject to a fine.

ArcheryGB guidance allows for coaching and from the clubs point of view if you book a lane and arrange a coach to be present then that is allowed as long as you are following the coaching guidance above.

The club will not be running group coaching sessions or seminars for the for seeable future

The normal Club times are available to book (Sunday Mornings and Tuesday Evenings) but with the number of archers on the field limited to 5 archers (or households) then its not going to be like is has been in the past and there is no guarantee of Deben members being present to look after under 18's for instance

No plans at present to restart JDAC - - however the club is looking into having one of the coaches present at the field on Saturday Morning, and reserving 4 of the slots between 9 and 11 exclusively for JDAC members to book (Special code)

Yes this all about indoors, you can still shoot outdoors

The club storagearea will contain a supply of products, please move them with the target to your lane and then return at end of booked session

If it just the supply on one bag then use a different one and let the club know, if it all of a supply and you don't have your own products then please don't shoot and inform the club

The club in not allowed to supply you with Target Face and Pins to share (Like Normal Club Meets) but if you collect a face and pins from the storage and then keep them, transporting them to and from the field with you, they are in effect yours.   It is recommended that if you do collect item from the container you either leave them unused for 72 hours or clean them before use.