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Welcome to Junior Deben Archers


Deben Archery Club has decided not to run dedicated J:DAC sessions, as they have done in previous years, but to integrate Juniors with the rest of the members shooting. Everybody shooting with Deben Archery Club at the moment needs to book a lane on the field, using this system..

Book online Look-up Who has booked when (Members Only)

A Junior member of Deben Archery Club can book any open session advertised on bookwhen, however all Juniors must have two levels of supervision whenever they are shooting.

Welfare Supervision Look after the Junior for all aspects apart from Archery, ensure they are safe while on the Deben Archery Site, This person is there to ensure the Junior is treated correctly while at the club. [Acting in Loco Parentis]

Archery Supervision Ensure the Junior Shoots Safely and understands the rule and procedures of archery.


Welfare Supervision

Archery Supervision


Sunday 9-12

Parent / Guardian


3 x Close supervision lanes reserved via Coaches

Tuesday 5-7

Parent / Guardian

Senior Deben Archery Member

Its DAC’s Traditional Club Night so more members present.

Any other booked Session

Parent / Guardian

Senior Deben Archery Member

Where the Parent / Guardian is also a shooting Deben Members they can act as both Welfare and Archery Supervision, but they should not be shooting themselves is under rule 301

In reality they means juniors are more likely get a shooting opportunity on Sunday Mornings, but through agreement with other members other times will be available.

In total Deben has 12 archers shooting on the field at once + plus 6 Archers that can use coaching lanes (code for these lanes are kept by Coaches within Deben Archery Club)


last updated 6 Apr 2018